EU45 antifoul - High Strength Antifouling Paint For Boats and Yachts | marine antifoul, anfouling paint
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The complete package from EU-45 Full Strength Antifoul

Have EU-45 antifoul applied to your craft by EU-45 at one of our official eu45 application centres. Work will be carried out to eu45 rigorous application specifications and you will receive a EU-45 written guarantee of satisfaction.

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Over the past decade EU-45 has established itself as the webs favourite and fastest growing antifouling paint not just in the uk but throughout europe.

As an independent family business rather than part of a large faceless group we are able to listen and react to what boat owners tell us they want.

“a top quality product at a fair price, available to everyone at the same price with free delivery wherever they live in europe from the scottish highlands to the mediterranean.”

Our success has been based on offering exactly that, but now our clients are asking for more.

EU-45 is an high strength product offering excellent antifouling properties but in common with all paint products good preparation and application standards and techniques are vital to achieving full product potential.

As a boat owner you will recognise the attractiveness of having your antifoul applied and guaranteed under the control of the manufacturing company, EU-45 uniquely now offer you this full antifouling package.

Our application pricing policy is totally transparent based on the square metres underwater area of your boat enabling you to receive an
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EU-45 application service is available in the following areas:

- Uk: at one of our several fixed centres in southern England and Ireland or in most other areas by way of our mobile antifouling service.

- Coverage is available in Mallorca, Ibiza and several locations on the Spanish mainland. 

- Coverage is available in Malta.

- Partial coverage is available in Croatia.

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