EU45 antifoul - High Strength Antifouling Paint For Boats and Yachts | marine antifoul, anfouling paint
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Sorry I am not buying EU-45 Antifoul


Our aim is to bring you top quality products at prices offering exceptional value for money backed by excellent levels of service and to make it as easy as possible for you to purchase them.

But how well are we doing? We would like to know your opinion of us!!

If you have decided not to purchase EU-45 Antifouling Paint we would like you to help us to serve your interests better in the future by giving us the benefit of your advice and completing the questionnaire below. In return we will send you a voucher worth £5 per can redeemable against your first order.

We will not ask you for any personal information and will not pass on any information you choose to give us to anyone else.

Click here to see the questionnaire, It will take less than 2 minutes to complete.

If you have either now or previously purchased EU-45 Antifouling Paint we will contact you directly in due course when you have had the opportunity to fully evaluate our complete service. In the meantime we send our thanks for your patronage.

To qualify for the voucher worth £5 per can redeemable against your first order, you must be a boat owner and answer all the questions in the manner indicated.

I a . Please indicate how you first heard about EU-45 Antifoul
Through EU-45 advertising
Through an Internet search engine
By word of mouth
By other means Please indicate how:

I b . Please indicate which of the following 9 statements affected your decision not to buy. You may indicate as many or few as relevant.
1. I do not need antifouling at the moment
2. I never buy anything on the Internet
3. I needed the product quicker than I thought you would deliver it
4. Your price was too expensive
5. You did not convince me on the quality of the product
6. You did not give me enough information on the product
7. Your website was confusing and difficult to navigate
8. Your website was not working properly
9. I did not like the payment methods you offered
I c . Which one of the 9 statements above was the most important in your decision not to buy. Please select below.
II a .  
Would you consider buying EU-45 Antifouling in the future?
Yes Maybe No
Would you like us to respond to your comments?
Yes No
Any further comments you would like to make
Please also fill in your email address & yacht details. please enter your email address

type of yacht: power sail

yacht make & model
Thank you for your co-operation.